Frequently Asked Questions about snowmobile

Where can I purchase trail permit?

Most of the sums invested in the purchase of a trail permit are returned directly to the club to fund the trail grooming operations. So if you buy where you ride, your money improves the trails you ride most often.

Trail permits are sold on-line by FCMQ.

Do I need a driver's license to drive a snowmobile?

You are required to hold a valid driver’s licence, regardless of class, to operate an all-terrain vehicle or snowmobile. You must also abide by the conditions associated with the licence you hold.

On a public road, trail, or any other area of use that is not covered by the Highway Safety Code, you must: 

  • hold a valid driver’s licence or probationary licence of any class, or hold a valid learner’s licence and abide by its conditions (that you be accompanied and not carry passengers)
  • be at least 16 years old
  • be at least 18 years old if the vehicle is a recreational off-road vehicle
  • be at least 18 years old if you are carrying a passenger on a quad bike that has been modified by the addition of an add-on seat

Training certificate for 16 and 17 years old drivers:

If you are 16 or 17 and want to drive a snowmobile or an all-terrain vehicle, you must have a training certificate. The certificate is issued after completing the mandatory training that all new drivers should follow, regardless of their age.


This training is given by ConduiPro network of driving schoolsThis link will open in a new window (website in French only). You can also contact the Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du QuébecThis link will open in a new window.